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Αναλαμβάνουμε ανάκτηση δεδομένων απο τις εξής μάρκες σκληρών δίσκων:
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We can perform data recovery from the following devices :

We can recover files from all operating systems such as :

Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS, iOS, NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, NAS, PDA, Blackberry, Android, Windows CE, Symbian

TicTac Labs : The first Greek data recovery company, since 2001

Hard disk data recovery in Greece TicTac Laboratories is the first company that started Data Recovery in Greece. From the year 2001 we have recovered thousands of cases and have made people happy again. Either it was deleted files, formated disks, heavily damaged hard disks or usb pendrive recovery, TicTac labs is far the most technologically evolved laboratory of Data Recovery in Greece and what really makes us believe that is what our clients say about us. Our technicians always attend seminars and follow the progress of Data Recovery all over the world. Our laboratory has the most specialized equipment for most jobs. Because Data Recovery in Greece means : TicTac Laboratories.

Data Recovery Services are not cheap. Every client that comes to our labs must know that this process is not about saving the actual hard disk drive or usb disk, but the actual data. We don't fix disks, we recover files from hard disks that have problems. For doing that we use very expensive tools, lots of expensive parts and our technicians have been trained to perform this operation very delicately. TicTac Data Rescue team is cooperating with manufacturs of disk such as Seagate, and also our specialised data recovery engineers discuss daily cases with other companies from all over the world, to get answers on really hard cases.

In TicTac Data Recovery, we don't experiment on client's patient drives. That's why we are the only company that charges a Diagnostic Fee for our services. A wrong decision to take your data in a non reliable company might risk the integrity of your data. Be very careful when you choose a data recovery company in Greece because your data is unique and you might not have a second chance to choose us. Check out our section for Frequently Asked Questions on Data Recovery.Do you have questions ; Contact us...


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