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8 + 1 reasons to choose Tictac

  1. TicTac Laboratories is the company who started Data Recovery in Greese. TicTac, the first data recovery company in Greece started in 2001 and since then has successfully recovered data in thousands of cases.
  2. TicTac.gr is a world-renowned brand who began operating in 1995 and cooperates with organizations and scientists from abroad as well as the Seagate Data Recovery in the Netherlands. Under no circumstances do we turn a hard drive down since we have knowledge of the best data recovery laboratories in the world.
  3. TicTac Laboratories is a company that has personnel and provides quality care services. We operate daily from 09:00 - 21:00 so that you can call us and follow your case at anytime. In the field of data recovery you'll find traders, who are based in the area of their home with no significant investment in equipment and personnel, endanger the consumers' storage media.
  4. Latest technology equipment, while every year we get tools worth thousands of euros so as to be at the peak of the developments and thus provide you quality services. 20% of the TicTac annual income is intended for equipment and training personnel abroad.
  5. Look for reviews on the internet about us. You may find critical comments for our prices, but not for our services. We are not the cheapest on the market and we know it. We'll never be the cheapest since "discounts on quality' do not fit in our business. Where our competitors stop, TicTac continues.
  6. Express services. For those who consider response times important, we are able to work on your case 24 hours a day for the restoration of your problem.
  7. Confidentiality and security of your data. That in TicTac Laboatories is guaranteed since our clientele shows that the largest companies in the field, as well as well-known people trust our company.  Read more for privacy and security practices in TicTac Laboratories.
  8. Diagnostic services of high standards. In 2-3 days' time you'll know the nature of the problem of your storage device, the cost of our labor, the cost of the spare parts needed as well as the estimated time of delivery. TicTac Laboratories is the only company that charges the process of diagnosis in Greece. Learn more about paying diagnosis below:

Why is TicTac the only company in Greece that charges the diagnosis of the hard drive to the client?

It is a policy applied by numerous professional recovery laboratories in the world that have prestige and do not experiment with their customers, since they have a thorough knowledge of the subject. No Data No Fee means that there will be an attempt to recover data and if it does not succeed  the customer pays nothing. Since the diagnosis of a case requires hours of labor and spare parts, the only reasons for a company to carry out such a policy are learning the field of data recovery by experimenting on projects and attracting new customers.

The diagnosis cost is applied by TicTac for the following reasons:

  1. During the diagnosis process the technician spends at least 2 hours on the storage medium.
  2. If there are spare parts available or if the damage doesn't require spare parts, the technician IMMEDIATELY recovers the list of files or the data itself if he considers the stability of the system is not satisfactory to do it later.
  3. Detailed diagnosis and a quote of the cost of parts and labor separately are sent to the customer with strict time limits (24hrs express Pritority or 3 days Normal Priority), so that the customer knows what he is paying for.
  4. It is important that the customer realizes from the first moment that data recovery is an "expensive" procedure. The cost of diagnosis is usually less than 10% of the final price of recovery. If one denies paying the cost of diagnosis it means that one's data are not important enough to pay the final cost of our technicians' labor.
  5. We do not do "quick" business. We always perform the task of data recovery under a strictly defined protocol of operations based on international standards. Your data is so important to you as it is for us since we have to deliver it to you in order for us to get paid.
  6. Apart from the cost of diagnosis, the customer doesn't pay anything else if his data is not recovered. In cases where spare parts are required the customer bears their cost.
  7. We have a strict policy concerning the confidentiality and safety of your data.
  8. TicTac is the first company in Greece and this alone is a guarantee for our well-trained personnel and the logistical infrastructure of the company. Read more about the company.
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