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Στο Blog της TicTac.gr θα βρείτε θέματα για την ανακτηση δεδομενων, την ασφαλή καταστροφή δεδομένων αλλά και τις διάφορες απειλές που παραμονεύουν. Μπορείτε να γραφτείτε και στο δωρεάν Newsletter της TicTac Data Recovery και να λάβετε εντελώς δωρεάν τις συμβουλές μας όσον αφορά την προστασία των αρχείων σας.

Data Recovery SSD Samsung 850 EVO - Woldwide data recovery success

Samsung 850 evo data recovery

TicTac Data Recovery research team has managed to find a way to recover data from a common problem that exists in Samsung 850 Evo drives which renders the user data inaccessible due to a formware error.

The Problem:

We received many cases of Samsung 850 EVO drives that have BUSY problem. This means that the drive becomes ready (DRD DSC) and once a read command is performed on the diagnostic tool or the operating system, the drive goes BSY and stucks in a loop.

The solution:


Why Data Recovery is so expensive?

Data Recovery is the steps we need to go through so we can recover files from a medium that gives no access to them. This can happen due to hard disk failure, an elecrick shock or accidentaly by the user's actions. Data Recover Engineers follow strict steps and algorithms in order to prevent further data loss during their effords to recover data.


Shall i open the cover of the hard disk to diagnose it?

Your hard disk fails. So what are you planning to do? Maybe you thought that data recovery is a pretty expensive service, so you may try diagnosing your hard disk at home. No way! Data recovery is not a DIY job. In your attempt to fix the disk you may render its data completely useless and you may eliminate any chances of recovery, even from a data recovery company. So before you proceed take a quote from a data recovery company. If you cannot affoard it and you are not afraid about your data, the attempt whatever you read in the internet.


Tictac specializing in Usb Flash Drive recovery

Within 2011 TicTac data recovery lab has got over 120 cases of usb flash disks, SSD disks and memory Cards. All these cases contain NAND chips that need to be decoded in order for data ro be recovered. From these cases we recovered about 110 cases and we were paid from about 70 clients.

Data recovery from USB Flash drives is tough, as it needs lots of time for the decoding of NAND chip and it is not always something that can be done in a few days rather than weeks.