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Computer Forensics for Lawyers

Lawyers and law firms for evidence presentation in court battle

  • Litigation using evidence on computers and mobile phones
  • Cooperation of Law and Electronic Research
  • Is the digital footprint an exculpatory element?

If you are convinced that in your court case may you can provide information and electronic evidence from the opponent's computer , Tic Tac Laboratories may contribute to the collection of evidence from electronic media. The specialized investigators of the company in Electronic Crime are fully trained and with the use of software and ongoing training, can respond effectively to the demands of research even in a hostile electronic environment and gather critical information about the course of a court case.

The positive outcome of several legal cases depends on the thorough research that provides the criminology (forensics) with the collection and proper preparation of data from computational tools and their presentation in the courtroom.

The cooperation of law firms and Computer Forensics, is not about just a simple data recovery, which may result from an accident, but mainly has to do with the discovery of certain electronic evidence to make an act as criminal. As each case is unique, this procedure may include individual or combined as:

  1. Restore carefully deleted documents , photographs etc.
  2. Edit hidden files that can be hidden on the computer and not accessible by simple user (Bad sectors, ATA drives, Volume Slack).
  3. Isolation of important data from hard disk, CD - ROM, zip disk and other storage media.
  4. Final report which occurs after functional - kinship - time analysis and stratigraphy
  5. Preparation of testimony through objective findings resulting from the collection of acceptable electronic data with respect to the laws of privacy.

The cost for such a process starts from 500 € + VAT and depends on several factors. Contact us by describing your case for more information.

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