Data Recovery & Hard Disk Repair | Ανάκτηση Δεδομένων - Data Recovery

Data Recovery & Hard Disk Repair

Data Recovery (or anaktisi dedomenon in Greeklish) is the proccess of restoring data, that were unaccessible for whatever reason, from a hard disk, usb flash pendrive or any other storage system that has sustained logical or mechanical (physical) damage. Logical Data Recovery refers to the process of saving the data from a media that has logical problems (format, virus, even accidentaly deleted files) while Physical Data Recovery refers to the process of performing data exctraction from drives with mechanical failure.

Data Recovery is a specialized branch of information technology, which is dedicated to restore inaccessible data from the user. This process involves technicians with specialized knowledge, special equipment and is governed by strict rules in order to ensure the best possible success rate.

Data Recovery in Greece is carried out by very specific companies that have expertise, skilled personnel and infrastructure (such as firmware recovery tools for hard disks, specialized diagnostic equipment, and machinery for restoration of electronic failures).

Common cases we face :

Which Companies provide Storage Medium have a high success rate in Data Recovery?

In Tik Tak Data Recovery labs, we can recover data  from magnetic or electronic media by  the following companies, among others: Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Quantum, Hitachi, Samsung, Fijitsu, LG, TDK, Lacie, Verbatim, Sandisk, Kingston, Sony, Transcend, Lexar, Apple, Olympus, TwinMOS, OCZ.

We have high success rates in systems that failure arose suddenly, without any fall or wear of the disk. In those cases where the medium comes directly in our laboratories, the success rate reaches 99%.

 Low recovery rates occur when the disk is opened by another company, the user himself has attempted to test his own dubious quality techniques or  by a fall occured scratches inside the disk. In these cases, the success rates are very low.

By which devices or mediums can we restore data and do you do hard disk repair ?

Indicatively, some of the devices by which we can achieve recovery are :

  • Internal Hard Disk Drive
  • External Hard Drive
  • Hard Drive from a  Laptop / Notebook / Netbook
  • SCSI / SAS Hard Drive from Servers
  • RAID System (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 etc...)
  • NAS / Net Storage Drive
  • Memory Card (SD, Micro SD, XD etc...)
  • USB Stick (USB Flash / Pendrive)
  • CD / DVD / BlueRay or any other optical disk with scratches
  • Tape Drive
  • SIM Card
  • iPhone
  • Android phone or tablet
  • Old mobile phone (Windows Mobile, Symbian etc)

Hard disk Repair is not always feasible but when can be done, we can do it for you and you can get back your own disk. But most of the times we take its parts to other drives or we take parts from other drives to repair your hard disk.

From what operating systems can we recover files?

Our company can restore files from the following operating systems :

  • Microsoft Windows® : 3.x
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Linux
  • UNIX
  • Sun
  • SCO
  • SGI
  • NetWare
  • DOS
  • Apple Mac
  • OS/2
  • Solaris
  • HPUX
  • AIX
  • FreeBSD
  • iOS
  • Android

Every day we discover new operating systems and update our equipment so we can support them, do not hesitate to contact us or our technicians to inform you about our services.