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Data Recovery from mobile phone

  • I lost all mobile contacts !
  • I accidentaly deleted photos from iPhone !
  • I formatted my Android phone !
  • I deleted Smartphone memory !
  • I erased phone's memory card !
  • I lost data from my iPhone
  • I need Data Recovery from my Android !

These actions are very common nowadays. All smartphones of the market have memory cards (micro SD, memory cards, etc.) that are used to store photos, videos, etc. Also many mobile phones store data in the internal phone memory card..

Data Recovery from Android phone

Android is an operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers based on Linux. Data recovery from Android phone or tablet is a very delicate procedure which needs specific step by step protocol, with which if not complied you may lost your data  forever. Lots of our clients attempt to perform Android Data Recovery by themselves, and in that case, we rarely can take any data. So if your android phone data is deleted by mistake, don't attempt any do it yourself data recovery instruction found in the internet. If you do something wrong, then even a data recovery company cannot help you.

Data Recovery from iPhone

Tic Tac Labs receive several jailbroken iPhones or originial iOS iPhones monthly which are either dysfunctional or have lost data by accidental deletion. In most cases data recovery from iPhone may be possible with a good rate, given the fact that the user hasn't used the iPhone for a long time. iPhone data recovery must be performed using special equipment in order to get better results, in order not to destroy more data on the device.

Tips for those who have lost data from Android phones or iPhone.

  • Stop using your phone.With each boot your data recovery gets harder.
  • Don't use programs that you found on the internet.
  • Do not go to mobile phone shops. It is more likely to make wrong moves.