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Privacy & Security of Client's Data

During the data recovery process in our laboratories, we often manage sensitive confidential files of large companies and very private customer data. It is obvious that TicTac Laboratories owe to keep confidential and safe the recovered data.

In order to ensure our clients that all this is done safely, there is  a special paragraph in the contract signedby both parties, which states refers to the full privacy and data security. In paragraph 4 of the contract signed by the client to begin the process of diagnosis / data recovery referred to the confidentiality of your data :

Our Company provides its services and carry out the examination and / or recovery of the data with absolute confidentiality and privacy of content, discussed and / or recovered in compliance with the law (in particular, personal data) and is obliged to preserve, in any case, intellectual property of the data the customer delivers.

TicTac Laboratories bounds the obligation to keep strictly confidential the personal information of our clients and any other finding that was discovered during the contract period. Among the obligations of our company are not to disclose any information to third parties without the written consent of the client.

It's very important to understand that our company does not open or observer the recovered data. The integrity of recovered files is verified by special data recovery hardware and data recovery software, thus the verification and opening of recovered files can be done only by the client itself.

Technicians in  TicTac laboratories have also signed a contract with severe sanctions to ensure the privacy of our customers. Moreover some very specific principles are the following:

  1. From the moment a disk is received, it is given a unique number which accompanies the case throughout it's way to the laboratory. This number prevents the employee's technical department to know personal details of the customer who brought the case.
  2. During the data recovery process the  files of our  clients  are tested by software for their integrity and a list with the files and  folder structure is delivered to the customer ,with  names and size. TicTac Technicians do not open the files to verify if they work or not, as this would expose personal customer data. Otherwise we deliver the list of files to the client who is required to attend the company's headquarters and check the integrity of the data recovered himself. Thus not exposing the customer data to employees in the technical section, unless the customer requests otherwise.
  3. Customer's recovered files, remain to the company for 15 days, from the date of shipment to the customer, for security reasons as a second backup. Once a customer verify data integrity or 15 days pass, the backup files are deleted from our server.
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