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Remote RAID recovery

Remote RAID recovery services
  • How can i recover a RAID system?
  • My RAID system is broken
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TicTac Data Recovery Engineers offer remote data recovery services to help you deal with broken RAID arrays. We have many years experience in handling RAID systems, NAS and performing data recovery on all cases of Servers (SQL Servers, Virtual Arrays, VM Ware etc.) and we can offer this service for you online.

Data corruption on a single hard drive case can be tough. Repairing a broken RAID array without appropriate skills from a proffessional can be a matter of pure luck in some cases but for really challenging cases you can have our help.

Our highly skilled RAID data recovery specialists with many years of lab expertise in data recovery and  in Server and RAID, will solve your issue in a matter of hours. 

How does it work and what are the requirements?

The only thing you need is to have the images (clones) of your drives or the drives of the RAID correctly attached to your system. You will need to share some details about the case, the controller, the motherboard, the RAID type and the operating system and let our experts handle the rest.

If you are not a proper data recovery lab, and you don't have the experience to work with failed drives then you can ship to us your drives and we can do it all for you so you can get the files you need after our RAID data recovery service. You will get a list of all recoverable files and you can also check the working files using Teamviewer to verify their integrity. After that you can pay the appropriate fee and we will send you the initial drives and your data packed in one hard drive.

Use the Live chat that is on the right side of the website to discuss your case with one of our engineers before you decide. We will give you a quote and if you accept we can start working right away on your case.

Details on the process of RAID data recovery Service and pricing

In order for us to work for online RAID data recovery service you will need to do the next steps:

  1. Connect all disks that are part of the RAID array to any Windows computer and download our teaviewer client from here.
  2. Don't perform ANY action on the drives (like initializing the disks or formating them). This would cause even greater problems.
  3. One of our remote RAID data recovery engineers, will connect to your computer and perform preliminary analysis. For the momment, the analysis and estimation is free of charge, but in the future we will also charge for the diagnosis.
  4. Attach a formated disk and rename the volume to "data" so we know where we will save the data and temporary files
  5. When we recover the RAID data structure we will show you a preview of the recoverable data.
  6. We charge a fee of $250 plus $150 per disk, that is part of the RAID array. We will not charge you anything if we are not able to recover the data. So it's risk free.
  7. You can pay us via paypal when you are satisfied with the preview and then we can save the data on the designated drive

If you hire us often then you will get discounts for our services.

What RAID systems can be recovered?

We can offer remote RAID recovery services on the following RAID types:

  • RAID 0 recovery
  • RAID 5 recovery
  • RAID 10 recovery
  • RAID 6 recovery
  • RAID 0+1 recovery
  • RAID 10 recovery
  • Delayed parity RAID 5 systems