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Tictac specializing in Usb Flash Drive recovery

Within 2011 TicTac data recovery lab has got over 120 cases of usb flash disks, SSD disks and memory Cards. All these cases contain NAND chips that need to be decoded in order for data ro be recovered. From these cases we recovered about 110 cases and we were paid from about 70 clients.

Data recovery from USB Flash drives is tough, as it needs lots of time for the decoding of NAND chip and it is not always something that can be done in a few days rather than weeks.

2 data recovery engineers from our company have been specialy trained to recover data from USB Flash drives, memory cards and SSD disks. TicTac has invested in new equipment and now all available equipment for Data recovery of Flash memories is available in our lab, in order to meet today's technology needs.

So even if another company tells you that your flash disk is not recoverable, you may bring it tou our lab and see if we can do the job. It's not easy, nor cheap, but can be done. Since you want your data back, we will get it as long as you are willing to pay for our job and be able to wait for the results.

Becausa Data Recovery in Greece has only one name and that is Tic Tac Data Recovery Lab.

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